Welcome to OEA-Oklahoma Elite Anglers

Welcome Back!!

Welcome back OEA Members to the 2017 Oklahoma Elite Anglers Team Trail! It’s going to be an exciting year of tournament bass fishing and I’m really looking forward to seeing everybody again this season. We’ve added 2 new lakes to the list this year and eliminated 2 from last season. If you scroll over to the schedule page you’ll see what I’m referring to. I think everybody will be happy with the new lakes we chose to fish this season as much as I am. Scott Smith has designed our website for us this year and has done a fantastic job. Scott has volunteered to take over the website postings and numbers game that I just don’t have time for and is the primary reason this season is taking place…so big thanks to him for all of his efforts. The membership and liability forms are available at this time to be downloaded and printed off for you guys that would like to get them filled out and mailed in early. All is the same as last year on mailing in your membership, championship entry, and first tournament entry dues. The first tournament will cost you $400 which includes your teams membership ($80), championship entry fee ($200) and first event’s entry fee ($120). Please make your check payable to Cody Ardrey and not OEA as TFCU will not allow me to cash it with OEA being made payable to. You can put OEA due or whatever in the bottom left subject line if you wish. As far as the rules for this 2017 season goes...Numerous teams contacted me over the past few months talking about this season and proposed a new rule change idea. As you guys know, I always try to be open minded and listen to what you guys say and take ideas into consideration and check to see what everybody as a whole likes. I believe this is the best way to run a successful trail is to see what guys think and new ideas and your opinions on different subjects brought to the table. A new idea of making the lakes we fish off-limits the week of the event was mentioned. I made an effort to call as many of the teams that I could which was approximately 75% of the teams that competed last year and gave the option and what their thoughts were. 90% liked the idea, but suggested that we leave Friday available since most of our guys have to drive a pretty good ways to each event and typically get a motel and get there the Friday before to run the lake and look around and make sure their boat and equipment is functioning properly for safety and convenience. So, the idea of making the lake off-limits Monday-Thursday and back open Friday was the adopted this year. You can still do all the practicing you want anytime prior to midnight the Sunday before the event. Okay, the next thing we are trying this year is a new event I’m sure most of you have heard about known as the BEST VS BEST EVENT! Check the Best vs Best tab to read all about this new event we are running this year…it’s getting a ridiculous amount of positive feedback all across Oklahoma and is shaping up to be HUGE! Anyway, I’m super excited to see all the familiar faces this year and few new faces of teams I’ve been speaking to that are going to join in with us this year. The first event is on Texoma Lake March 18th out of Alberta Creek. We look forward to seeing everybody there. Give me a call anytime if you have any questions.